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Technical specifications:

Top quality casements and awnings.

Energy efficient frames and shutters.

Outstanding design.

Fusion-welded corners ensure an impeccable seal.

Multiple weather stripping.

Mouldings manufactured to properly adjust to brick.

Designed for maximum circulation of light.



Subjected to severe performance testing for many years of use.

Suitable for all property styles.

Increase the value of a home.

Convenient operation for easy cleaning from inside the house.

Feature a multi-point lock for increased protection.

Accept a wide range of energy-efficient glasses.

Flexible and standard crank avoiding the clutter of the handle.

Technical specifications :

Provide desired comfort for many years.

A system that does not create any interference when the window is open.

Perfect for patios, walkways or verandas.

Open from the inside for easy cleaning and care.

Significant savings generated by our innovative manufacturing methods.

The high performance of these windows will enhance the charm of your residential project.

Features :


Available in many options.

Glass with Low-E.

Jamb extension in PVC-cladded pine, maintenance-free.

Mullions, decorative grills (rectangular, Georgian, tubular) and paint included.


Technical specifications :

Wide choice of stained glass on all our models.
Highly aesthetic doors.

Insulated with high-quality polyurethane.

Resistant to warping and distortion.

Available in all coveted colors.

Properties :

The surface of our steel doors includes two coats of paint for an impeccable finish.

24-gauge galvanized steel offers enhanced resistance to rust and corrosion.

High-definition panel profile creates excellent relief.

Polyurethane injection at the heart of the door eliminates voids and creates durable, stable insulation.

Composite bottom panel provides resistance to moisture and rot.